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Liedo Packaged Fresh Celeriac

Liedo offers packaged fresh dutch celeriac. We also offer organic celeriac.



We offer the following types of packaging for our Fresh Dutch Celeriac:


5KG Bag

Packaged on a boxpallet. Netto: 1000KG

10KG Bag

Packaged on a boxpallet. Netto: 1000 of 1100KG

5KG Box (eps-t)

Packaged on a EURO pool pallet with x-amount of boxes

12KG Box (eps-m)

Packaged on a EURO pool pallet with x-amount of boxes

Bulk 1000KG of 1100KG

Desired weight in celeriac packaged loose in a big box.



All our packaging are eco-responsible.

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Apium graveolens


The origin of celeriac is the same as that of leaf and pascal celery, Latin name “Apium graveolens”. They are all related, each variety was enhanced through breeding in the late Middle Ages. Celery was initially only used as a herb, which turned out to have medicinal effects (The Chinese still use it).
We now know that celeriac is high in fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals (see table below). The vegetable promotes digestion and improves the overall balance of nutrients.
Nowadays every true Dutchman knows it as an important and tasty ingredient for Pea Soup.
A celeriac is best kept at a temperature of 4 – 6 º Celsius (39 – 42º Fahrenheit).

Vitamins, Minerals

Celeriac is rich in Vitamins, with a high fiber and low fat content:

Energetic value : 134 kJ
Carbohydrates : 5 gr
Proteins : 2 gr
Fat : 0,4 gr
Vitamin C : 12 mg
Vitamin B1 : 0,03 mg
Vitamin B2 : 0,03 mg
Calcium : 80 mg
Iron : 1 mg

Nutritional value per 100 grams.